I'm Dan Johnson of Imageman Photography and I'm very happy to have had the privilege of working as a professional photographer. I love creating images both on a personal and on a commercial level.  Imageman Photography would like to help you to capture those special moments about your life. These visual memories will be remembered for a lifetime.  Currently, I specialize in portrait photography and I‘d like to make each and every image that I produce a unique experience for you.


There are several places where we can conduct your formal or informal posing session. If we were shooting outdoors, the best time is the early morning or late afternoon which is a time when the light is softer and easier to work with. Whether outdoors or indoors, I like to use my studio lights to create a sense of drama within my images. By working at these times of the day there is greater control over sculpting the look that I'm trying to get from my subject while putting more of the focus on you, my subject.  If I were to photograph you inside, it would be good to pose you near a window, combining the natural light with some of my studio lights. In photographing children, it is best to photograph them in comfortable surroundings such as in a park or playground or at the beach or in your own backyard. I'd like to capture them in action doing the things that they love to do while playing or using their imaginations. This way, they too can be more relaxed and enjoy themselves while I'm doing my job of photographing them.


Clothing is very important in the planning of your photo session. I like to keep it very simple. You should choose clothes that compliment you in relationship to your environment. If we were at the park where there is a lot of green grass around you, you might want to wear some light colors; reds, oranges, yellows or light blues. Keep the colors simple and plain with no patterns or logos across them, which will take away attention from you. Most of all, wear comfortable clothing but coordinate your colors.  Feel free, to bring all kinds of props with you; hats, scarves, shoes, boots, interesting umbrellas, and for your kids, bring some of their favorite toys that they can play with and enjoy! For babies, it's best to photograph them in their pure form, but you might like to bring some kind of an interesting colorful wrapping to put around them or you can simply have them photographed in the buff in the most natural way.

If your pets were to be included in the portraits and photographed with you or your children, bring some pet toys or some treats, to help them sit, especially if this is how they were trained to respond to you! For seniors, graduating from high school is a time to celebrate. Show everyone the kind of unique individual that you are by being photographed with whatever kinds of props help you to express yourself. If you are a musician of some kind, bring some of your musical instruments along such as, your guitar, your trumpet or whatever instrument you like to play. If you are into sports, bring some of your athletic equipment. You can also bring along some of your friends and we can do a group shot also. I can even photograph you along side your car or your motorcycle or whatever means of transportation you like to use!


I will only do a limited number of portrait sessions per month, so I suggest that you book as early as possible, to make sure that I am available for our photographic session. To create your session at a certain date and time, you'll be required to pay a session fee. This session fee is due within seven days, to enable you to keep your portrait session available at the designated time. If I do not receive payment within the time frame, I have the right to give your date and time to another client. The booking fee will guarantee that you have a spot reserved for yourself, at our photographic session. This fee is non-refundable if you cancel your session without at least 48 hours advance notice.


Your session, will usually last about an hour to an hour and a half, but I will take as much time as necessary to make sure that you are relaxed, and that we get a great job done of photographing you capturing you at your very best. When I'm working with children, I will take a few posed shots initially, then I will let them play on their own for a little while, while I'm following their exploits and trying to capture some of their most precious moments in their interactions by themselves or with others. Sometimes, I'll even act as if I'm interested in playing as well; this enables them to be more relaxed with me while I capture their uniqueness.

AFTER THE SHOOT / Post Production:

After our shoot, my work begins as I go through all of your images and carefully pick the very best ones that will appear in your gallery. I will then spend time editing the images to make sure that everyone has the proper color and composition adjustments if needed. A very minor amount of retouching may be done as well if needed. Here, you will be able to view your proofs at your leisure and then share them with your friends and your family. I take about two weeks to finish the editing process. I will be available to consult with you over the phone and go over your images and discuss some possible framing options and share with you some ideas for how you can display your final portraits. Any orders that you make, must be placed within three weeks of receiving your proof gallery. Photos can be ordered directly from your gallery simply by clicking on the client view page which is one of the links on my website! You can follow the instructions to order the print sizes and quantities that you would like. Or you can order digital downloads and or photo gift items, that will be available through the link on my site. All of the the images or digital downloads that you might choose, will be available to you, between one and two weeks after you have placed your order.

I will send you password to your gallery by email. This password will allow you, your family and friends to view your photos for 30 days unless otherwise requested. After that time, your gallery will automatically expire and your images will be archived. To get your gallery reinstalled, there will be a $25 fee. Any ordered images will be kept on file for one year should you ever desire to obtain additional portraits.


About copyright: all of the images are the property of Imageman Photography (The photographer, Daniel Johnson). It is illegal to download, scan, copy or reproduce my work in any manner without the express written permission of myself, Daniel Johnson of Imageman Photography. As the photographer, I have the complete control over the final look of the images and all copyright laws protect me. If you scan or change my images in any way, it can damage my reputation as a photographer as well as can or may reduce the image quality of the images and effect the resolution as well. Imageman Photography, reserves the right to use the images whether in digital form on a DVD or in print form where all or any of the images and photographs may be used for marketing, competition and promotional purposes. All of my clients must sign a model release form that explains copyright information prior to their portrait session. I hope, that your portraits will become fond memories, for you and your entire family and friends for many years to come. Your portraits are printed on the highest quality photo paper at a professional lab. We suggest that you handle your portraits with great care. And please, keep them away from all the ultraviolet rays of the sun and please do not put them directly in front of any window, the suns rays will bleach out the color and the contrast of your lovely precious images. One suggestion is to get ultraviolet glass, which is available at custom frame shops. Any damage that may occur as a result of improper handling, framing or hanging is the responsibility of the client and not of Imageman Photography of Connecticut. I wish my very Best to You, Your Family and Friends and hope that we will have a lasting, enjoyable photographic relationship for years to come!

Cheers ,

Dan Johnson of Imageman Photography

Office: 203 987-9469

Cell: 203 984-1552

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